• How to Mix Rap Vocals in Pro Tools

    Mix Rap Vocals in Pro Tools

    P2P | 08 December 2021 | 440 MB

    .: Music Mixing Masterclass :.

    Welcome to the Music Mixing Masterclass: How to Mix Rap Vocals in Pro Tools course! This is The COMPLETE Guide to Learn How to Mix Rap Vocals in Pro Tools. In this vocal mixing course, I’ll show you some of the best music mixing techniques for rap vocals in pro tools to help you achieve that modern industry-ready sound.

    Whats covered in this class?
    We will be looking at how I professionally mix rap vocals first hand and diving into the exact techniques that I use when mixing rap vocals as well as mixing trap vocals such as:
    •Dynamic EQ
    •Mutliband Compression
    •Harmonic Saturation
    •Lush Reverbs
    •Clean Delays
    •High End Presence

    What you’ll learn:
    •How to Mix Rap Vocals
    •Professional Vocal Mixing Techniques
    •Edit and Pitch Correct Vocals
    •Use Effects Such as Equalizers, Compressors, Reverb & Delay
    •Music Mixing Techniques for Industry Quality Vocals

    How to Mix Rap Vocals in Pro Tools
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