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    DJ Mixing with CDJs & a Mixer for Beginners

    ilfsn | 17.09.2017 | 2 Hours | 1.18 GB

    In this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee teaches you the essential DJ skills that you need to beatmatch and mix your music using CDJs and a DJ mixer. These skills include manual adjustments, tuning your ears, manual beatmatching, and beginner mixing techniques. She breaks down the entire beatmatching and mixing process slowly and clearly, step by step and in multiple ways, so that you can fully grasp the concepts, while also giving you specific exercises that you can practice repeatedly to hone your beatmatching skills. Every lesson is taught in a clear and concise way that is easy for anyone to understand.

    “The Complete Guide to Beginner DJ Mixing with CDJs and a Mixer” is an excellent course for beginners who already have some basic skills under their belt or have taken Shortee’s prerequisite course “The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with CDJs and a Mixer.” This course is also perfect for intermediate or advanced DJs who are transitioning from another gear setup over to CDJs. This course also sets you up perfectly for the next course: “The Complete Guide to Intermediate DJ Mixing with CDJs and a Mixer,” in which Shortee teaches how to code your music, the basics of mixing harmonically, and how to create full mix sets, both planned and improvised. This information-packed course is part of the CDJ Series of Shortee’s Complete DJ Method and is essential for building a strong foundation to take your skills to the next level.

    Songs Used in This Course & Where to Find Them:

    • Shortee & Step 1 “Wax that Booty” (Bikini Wax Album—5 Star Records)–115 bpm
    • Fransis Derelle “Rocca” (Heavy Artillery Recordings)–128 bpm
    • Scary Fox “Subway” (Arkade Records)–128 bpm
    • WiseLabs “Minesweepa “Later Gator” (Heavy Artillery Recordings)–128 bpm
    • WiseLabs “Family Values” 1nvader Remix (Heavy Artillery Recordings)–124 bpm
    • Pawax “Shaolin” (Arkade Records)–128 bpm
    • D.E.P “Bikini Girls” (Heavy Artillery Recordings–110 bpm
    • Sharxpowa “Storm” (Heavy Artillery Recordings)–110 bpm

    DJ Mixing with CDJs and a Mixer for Beginners TUTORiAL


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