• Fairlight Platinum Reason REFiLLS

    Fairlight Platinum Reason REFiLLS

    iND | October 2013 | 1.75 GB

    Everything from XXL, more Bitley patches, more samples of other instruments, more signature patches. Comes with two free bonus refills. 3600 patches in total. By far the largest soundbank we have produced. The bonus refills add extra fun material as used by Paul Hardcastle and Art Of Noise, rack extension patches, demo tracks, rack extension comparsions (our DX7 harp vs the PX7 harp) and more. The Fairlight refills comes with all Fairlight CMI IIX factory sounds.

    Quick info:
    • All sounds from II+
    • 3,04 Gb of files unpacked
    • About 3,000 patches for all Reason instruments
    • About 5,000 samples altogether

    New things:
    • Additonal Fairlight CMI II samples
    • All previous bonus refills included & merged in
    • Lots of brand new unique material
    • Even more super fun combis
    • A ridiculous amount of NNXTs
    • Pro user’s personal SCI Studio 440 library included
    • Kong patches

    Fairlight Platinum Reason REFiLLS
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