• Agent v1.4.3.0 VST WiN

    TEAM R2R | 21.12.2016 | 64 MB


    NYRV AGENT is NYRV Systems first product offering and is designed to become the central element of your effects processes. AGENT is fundamentally a configurable virtual control surface for effects. With AGENT you gain control of your entire effects chain in a single interface. AGENT has a Channel Strip page and an Effects Rack page. They are essentially identical but we designed them to work together the way a rack of outboard effects would interact with a large format console channel strip.

    A Unified Interface Connecting A World of Plugins
    AGENT provides you the canvas where you create a custom workspace and workflow. You now have the ability to configure each channel strip with up to 16 plugins and 96 parameter controls. The result is a working environment that let’s you focus on the sound instead of trying to find the individual controls that affect it.

    Effect Chains Compatible With Most Major DAW’s
    AGENT allows you to host VST and AU plugins in the same instance. Your customized channel strip and effects racks are now presets that can be loaded into any DAW including Pro Tools. Imagine having the ability to create the perfect effects chain in your favorite DAW using VST and Audio Units Plugins and being able to use it in Most Major DAW’s. You now have the ability to port tracks in between DAWs and never lose the ability to use your saved channel strip.

    Simple Powerful Routing
    The internal routing feature allows you to adjust such components as: wet/dry mix, gain, signal path or your effects chain. Swap your channel strip and effects rack and your effects can emulate a pre or post position on the track.

    – Global themes now saves the AGENT Theme and restores it properly.
    – Page Presets now save the Theme and prompts user if he wants to recall it.
    – Global saved skin will not be overwritten by other skins in skin folder.
    – Clicking on an empty control on ConfigPage shouldn’t open the ConfigModule.

    Agent v1.4.3.0 VST WiN-R2R



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