• GSi Effects Bundle 2022.8 WiN-V.R
    October 21st, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

    GSi Effects Bundle 2022.8 WiN-V.R

    GSi Effects Bundle WiN

    TEAM V.R | 24 August 2022 | 30 MB

    .: Win64; VST3, VST :.

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    • GS-201 Mk2 v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R


      GS-201 Mk2 v1.0.0 WiN MAC

      Team R2R | 04 Sep 2019 | WiN: 6.3 MB | 10.4 MB


      There was a time when the echo effect was made using magnetic tapes, and among the many units that the industry brought to the market, one model shone above all: the Space Echo RE-201. This was by far one of the most used and still today is one of the most sought after tape echo units ever made. The new GS-201 Mark II is the evolution of a project we started back in 2008 with the release of the old version of GS-201. The purpose is to capture the magic of the Space Echo and make it available to all, right there, into the computer. Not an easy task, but the experience we gained during the last 10 years in audio DSP development has helped us reach a result that sometimes can fool even ourselves.

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      • EQuity v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R

        EQuity v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R

        EQuity v1.0.0 WiN MAC

        Team R2R | 03 Mar 2021 | WiN: 4.0MB | OSX: 7.2MB

        .: AU, VST2, VST3, x64, STANDALONE :.

        .: Six Band Visual Equalizer :.

        EQuity is a six band visual equalizer with precise meterings, featuring a frequency analyzer and an IR-based preamp section. It was initially conceived as a simple EQ module to be incorporated in other audio products, then the visual EQ section and the spectrum analyzer were added. It represents an inexpensinve solution for DAWs and other audio environments where the use of a visual equalizer comes handy. The low CPU power requirement makes it perfect for being run in multiple instances on complex mixes.

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        • VariSpeed v1.0.0 WiN x64 READ NFO-R2R
          May 24th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

          VariSpeed v1.0.0 WiN x64 READ NFO-R2R

          VariSpeed v1.0.0 WiN

          Team R2R | 13 Nov 2020 | 6.2MB


          ..:: WEM Copicat IC400 “Belt Drive” Tape Echo Delay Unit ::..

          GSi VariSpeed is a new plugin that GSi offers free of charge to everybody. It’s a simulation of the WEM Copicat IC-400 Belt Drive VariSpeed model, the first tape echo machine made by WEM with a DC capstan motor capable of changing speed, thus varying the delay time. GSi VariSpeed replicates the hardware instrument “as is” with all its pros and cons, without any additional feature except the fact that it is digital and MIDI-controllable. This can be considered as the second chapter of a tribute to the genius of Mr. Charlie Watkins that GSi began back in 2008 with the release of the freeware “WatKat”, which was a simulation of the “Custom Copicat”.

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          • GS-201 Tape Echo v1.2.0 VST x86 x64 WiN
            March 20th, 2017 ⚡MaGeSY®


            GS-201 Tape Echo v1.2.0 VST WiN

            R2R KGN | 15/10/2008 | 5 MB

            Tape echo effects were invented towards the end of the fifties. Presumably the very first tape echo machine was invented by Charlie Watkins of London, England, in 1958. It was based on a small loop of 1/4 tape onto hich audio was recorded by a magnetic head and then read by three separated heads. What was read from the tape was amplified by the internal all-valve circuit and eventually recorded back to the tape, creating the eedback or sustaining echo effect. The delay time of the unit was determined by distance of the write head from the read heads, in conjunction with the sd of the tape.

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