• Dubstep Monolith 2 MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS


    Dubstep Monolith 2 MULTiFORMAT

    P2P | Aug 18, 2012 | 2.40 GB

    Bunker 8 presents ‘Dubstep Monolith’ 2, a MASSIVE 4.3 GB collection of 10 PREMIUM construction kits that definitively summarizes this exciting sub dance genre. Tripped out delay percussionisms, super sub distil basses, epic transit fx’s, LFO wib wobble basses, depth spawned vocalisms, this collection is sure to please every dub bass enthusiast as well as drawn in composers who wish to inject their tracks with the mysterious shadows that encompass this excitingly demented music form.

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    • Accelerator 2 MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
      October 12th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


      Accelerator 2 MULTiFORMAT

      Team DYNAMiCS | Jul 2010 | 1.74 GB

      Returning from a toxic wasteland infused by the lurking evil of some malevolent inhuman forces roars forth ‘Accelerator 2’. Forming and army malevolent soundscapes that mixes elements of Metalcore, industrial, techno, nu metal and hard rock anthemics, Bunker 8 has come with the perfect elements will corrode your sound scapes beyond recognition. Bone crushing guitar riffs, Corrosive sub bassics, In your Face drums and Toxic synthetics, these kits are pure evil. These construction kits have the angry carnage power your tracks were looking for. Arriving at over 3.0 GB in total, twice the size of Accelerator 1, this sequel improves on the first by more than 2 times! Each construction kit clocks in with Apple loops and Acid loops and Single Hits in all of the major formats representing: Batttery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, GigaSampler, HALion, SampleTank, SoundFonts and Wusikstation, the whole cross platform package. These construction kits are boiling over with the essential ingredients to push your creativity far from the sameness of the everyday life. Each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight.

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      • Drumasonic v1.5 KONTAKT SCD-AudioP2P
        October 10th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT


        Drumasonic v1.5 KONTAKT

        Team AudioP2P | 8.10.2011 | 3.03 GB

        As the name suggests, DRUMASONIC represents a high-end approach: In sampling one of the best, modern and universal sounding drum kits along with some of the finest snare drums, hihat, ride, crash, china and splash cymbals, no sound-altering devices have been employed. All the signals have been converted with high-end equipment directly after the preamps at 96 kHz, 24 bit. The goal was to provide the discerning musician, sound technician or producer – in the sense of authentic drum miking – a variety of phase-compatible, freely combinable and distributable signals out of two distinct recording rooms. Instead of delivering pre-defined sounds or tons of patches, DRUMASONIC addresses its focus on tonal authenticity, signal purity and mixing flexibility.

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        • Fingalickin Hip Hop Grooves WAV KONTAKT LiVE-SYNTHiC4TE
          October 10th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


          Fingalickin Hip Hop Grooves WAV KONTAKT LiVE

          SYNTHiC4TE | Sep 25, 2011 | 720 MB

          17 Fingalickin’ Hip Hop Construction Kits

          If you roll deeper than the rest, “Fingalickin’ Hip Hop Grooves” is here to fill your pockets with the heaviest beats from the brighter side of the street. You’ll need to grab your shades and get ready to be blinded by the paparazzi when you step outside with this suitcase full of explosive jams, each one packed with the drama to get you vibing on the spot. There’s always room for progression in the scene, so delivers you over 200 flexible loops broken down into 17 tasty construction kits (including variations), allowing you to present the freshest attitude onstage every time. We know you crave beats with phat snares and claps, epic synths, gated chords and string stabs, with deep basslines moving your waistline, so this pack gives you all the elements you’re looking for.

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          • Abstract Beats MULTiFORMAT-AUDIOSTRiKE
            October 9th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


            Abstract Beats MULTiFORMAT

            AUDIOSTRiKE | 01/10/2015 | 713 MB

            If you make Future Hip Hop, Half Step DnB or Intelligent Electronica then this sample pack will provide you with an essential collection of inspiring and unique loops and samples. Abstract Beats is a gorgeous blend of organic instruments, warm analogue synths, lush pads and punchy drum beats that are designed to be chopped up and rearranged to suit your taste. Influenced by the modern sounds of Flying Lotus and Bonobo, but with a nod to the classic instrumental hip hop of DJ Shadow, this pack includes beautiful processed jazz guitars, lush Rhodes and distorted amp driven Wurlitzer melodies, Kalimba loops, soft keys, precision hip hop beats, found sound percussion, music boxes and xylophones.  This highly engaging and deeply emotive collection of sounds is designed to be used in a broad range of styles, so whether you are an MPC beat maker, Hip Hop producer, film score composer, drum and bass wizard or deep house connoisseur, we’ve got you covered with this collection.

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            • Tumbi Instrument KONTAKT-DiSCOVER
              October 9th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT


              Tumbi Instrument KONTAKT

              DISCOVER | October 07 2015 | 10 MB

              Welcome to Tumbi Instrument. Tumbi is a traditional musical instrument of Punjab. Single string plucking instrument is associated with folk music of Punjab. In this package 15 types presets of Tumbi. After deep research, Tumbi virtual instrument. All types of Tumbi All types of Tumbi have been created in standard key. To use the library, you must first ensure that you have the full version of KONTAKT 5.3.0 (or higher).

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              • Soul 4 Real Vocals MULTiFORMAT-AUDIOSTRiKE


                Soul 4 Real Vocals MULTiFORMAT

                AUDIOSTRiKE | 05/10/2015 | 38 MB

                Soul 4 Real Vocals is a unique pack tailored to give you that soulful sampled sound without the mess of having to clear a sample! Built around seasoned singers that have toured with some of the biggest names in soul music this product delivers 10 kits consisting of 160 male and female vocal riffs perfect if you are producing soulful hip hop beats or dance music. We’ve included a total of 10 separate formats for maximum flexibility including WAV, MPC, Maschine, EXS-24, Reason NNXT, Kontakt, Battery, Abelton Drum Rack, Halion, and Mach 5. Just pull up a kit in your favorite beat making software or beat machine and get to work.

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